January 5, 2015

Sorry for the unoriginal title, but considering how much I’ll be on here catchy ones will appear when they come to me.  As for what’s going on with me? Not a whole lot which seems to be just enough right now.  I had my first led class with Saraswathi yesterday and like always it was really hard, just like Sharth’s led. A good ol’ ass whooping at 5:45 am is just want I need. Today is a moon day so no practice, a group of us went to the infamous “secret breakfast” spot that is a favorite among yoga students. This was my first time and it was wonderful with deliciously cheap food and good company. Later today we have a lunch planned at a local woman’s house, Pushpa. Last night my roommate and a friend and I went down into the city to do some shopping in the big market and to see the palace lit up. Going into the city is always a reminder of the bubble Gokulam we live in, the city is a glimpse of “real India” (Pics Below) and we capped the night off on a ride on the local, no AC bus for 15 rupees that was so full that they couldn’t shut the doors. So other than practice, drinking coconuts, and eating some bomb Indian food, that’s it. Typical life in Mysore for yoga peeps.

I think one of the most challenging parts of being here is adjusting to not having real responsibilities or obligations besides making sure you show up on time to the Shala in the morning. After that though, the day is yours to do as you wish and sometimes this kind of freedom is a little overwhelming. Especially after a hellish last semester with constant assignments, papers, and more papers, it still feels odd not having a deadline approaching and I still feel the urge to check my planner. (Which isn’t possible as it is in the Watauga county landfill.) Though there is a good bit socializing, there is even more alone time, w hich to many of us constantly-on-the-go westerners this is scary. From what I learned last time it is that this time is actually the most important, or even sacred, that we get. But for most of us we fill it with to-do lists, and we don’t actually want to sit with ourselves and maybe take a glimpse of the shit that accumulated emotionally, spiritually, mentally…whatever you want to call it. I once hated to be alone with myself because I did NOT want to acknowledge that I even had issues or massive pile of you know what to sort through, but my first trip to Mysore left me no choice. With the moving, twisting, bending, and sweating of my yoga practice 6 days a week and way too much free time (or like I said, just enough) I had to dig, sort, dispose, and clean up things that I had no intention of reliving and also things I didn’t know that had embedded into my being. So now I’m back to take a look at the crud that has accumulated over the last two years and I’m here to sift and clean up. People have asked why me and hundreds of people continue to my yearly or bi-yearly trips here as we have already been and what else is there to see? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain it and certainly not for anyone else but myself. We all have our own experiences here. Theee was that initial pull for all of us to come to Mysore, for whatever reason and there is obviously something that keeps us coming back to practice and study with our teacher. For me I’m convinced there is some healing power in the air, something that allows me to block out distractions and allows me to really sit and be with myself. I think all of us that make the trip are drawn by the same force but come back for different reasons. I come to continue my healing process, reset my mind and body, and to meet and reconnect with those on the same path. Oh, and I’m also pretty convinced with that whole ashtanga system thing 😉

So that’s all I got for an update, more will surely come. Love and miss you all!!












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