The foreign becomes the familiar.

wishing you all a happy new year from Mysore!! It’s still 2014 back at home but I can say, since I am talking from the future, that 2015 is great. All 30 minutes I have been awake for it. I got in yesterday (NYE) and ran around getting our stuff into our flat, getting our money exchanged, getting registered for Saraswathi, and re-acclimating to India and the little neighborhood of Gokulam. I’ve already seen several familiar faces and just for I am thankful as it makes adjusting so much easier. There have certainly been changes to the area but not enough to make it feel like a foreign place. It’s pretty amazing to be in a place so far away from home, that feels so familiar and like a home itself.  Once I was done running around I showered and promptly fell asleep at 7:30 pm to only being awaken by some fireworks at midnight. And this morning I woke up to my favorite sounds of the beeping rickshaws and chirping chipmunks.

Today, New Year’s Day, I start my practice with Saraswathi at 8:30 am and I’m interested how my body is going to behave after almost 48 hours of travel. Regardless I am so excited for this new experience to practice with her and I’ll let you know how first day back goes. My flat is wonderful with a wonderful family as our landlord that lives below us, and I’m thankful for my western-styped bathroom lol. So this was a quick update, but I will be back on soon to post some pics! Wishing you the best in 2015!!! Xx



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