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Spain: Day…51?

YIKES. It’s been a while since I have written here, time seriously flies in Sevilla!  So just a quick update: It is midterm time at the moment in school, I have had two and have three more next week. So that has definitely kept me busy between studying and writing papers, but after Wednesday I’ll just be cruisin’ till finals! I’ve done a little bit of traveling since being here, I went to Morocco and Gibraltar last month and it was so beautiful.  Parts of Morocco reminded me a bit of India with all the beautiful colors, scents, and fabrics.  And wow does Morocco have some gorgeous beaches! It was stunning and so, so nice to by the ocean for a short time.  I have also been to Cordoba, a city about an hour and a half outside of Sevilla.  It’s known for its incredible architecture and the famous “La Mezquita” (mosque) which is now a cathedral. And it was definitely incredible like they say, there is something humbling yet recharging about being in a place that is SO old.  I also went to Cadiz for Carnaval with a group of friends earlier this month.  If you don’t know what carnaval is, google it haha it was wild.  It’s basically the European version of Mardi Gras but way bigger and you dress up as ridiculous as possible. I, for instance, was a cow. Utters and all.  I’m glad I had the experience but one time was definitely enough!  I will definitely be returning to Cadiz as the weather is starting to reach beach temperature and because it is only an hour away.  But since then, we just continue to explore Sevilla and it continues to amaze me.  I have several trips coming up, we may try to get out of town next weekend to treat ourselves after midterms, so I will keep you posted on that.  Also, my mom, Uncle Scott and Rob come in TWO WEEKS! I am sososososooooooo excited to have family come for a bit.  I am meeting them in Barcelona and then we will train back to Sevilla where they will stay for a week. I have no doubt it will be a blast with lots of site seeing, food, and of course wine.  April will be a busy month as well, we get 11 days of for Semana Santa and Sevilla is the place to be for this holiday. They say there is no place like it. The weekend before a group of us are going to do a beach weekend in Portugal and obviously as beach lover, this cannot come soon enough!! Then 48 hours later Aileen and I are jet setting to Ireland for 4 days. Now this, this has always been a dream of mine. There are no words to tell you how excited I am, and don’t worry I will blow up you Facebook and Instagram feeds with millions of pictures.  We get back and get to enjoy the last few days of Semana Santa. Oh, did I mention I also register for my last semester of undergrad? Woah.  And then two weeks after that, Wendy comes for a week for Feria!!! So much to look forward too, I feel so lucky.

I appreciate, very much, the beauty and culture here in Spain.  The beauty in the old, narrow cobble stone streets and colorful buildings.  The passion the people have for their culture and heritage. To call this place home, even for a short time is so amazing.  In just two months, I feel like I have learned and grown so much.  Everyday I am challenged whether is be getting my a$$ on my yoga mat in the morning, speaking with locals, finding my way around town, adjusting to new culture and people, and school.  I am grateful for these opportunities.  They give me the opportunity to learn a bit more about myself like my strengths, weaknesses, and limits everyday.  Living abroad really reinforces the fact that everything really is temporary, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I’ve come to the conclusion that is one of life’s greatest blessings.  The good: there can be too much of a good thing.  With too much good, you lose appreciation for it, you loose the opportunity to soak up life’s sweetest moments.  The bad and the ugly: yes, nobody wants too much of these times in life.  But I swear these are God’s way of telling you to adjust your attitude and that a major breakthrough is coming.  These times will make the good SO, so much sweeter. These are the times of growth, and everyone has room for that.  And remember they are all temporary, so savor them all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Missing you all from the sunniest city in Spain! All my love!