Spain: Day 2

Well, It didn’t take long but I have fallen in love with Sevilla.  The best way to describe the city is simply: dreamy.  Beautiful colors, flowers, greenery, and the wine…THE WINE Y’ALL.  It’s cheaper than water, so there’s that.  The food is incredible too, we had some amazing seafood Paella yesterday with Sangria, I know it’s a rough life. Aileen (my friend/roommate from school) and I have done lots of walking and exploring and grocery shopping haha!  On Monday we have to go to our host university to take our placement exam for our classes, then orientation on Tuesday, then Wednesday classes officially start.  So, next week this life should feel more like reality and I find a routine.  Our apartment is perfect, just us two so its cozy but the greatest part is our own private rooftop patio. The morning light here is incredible, it’s my favorite part of the day. After three days of traveling and dealing with jet lag I finally got on my mat this morning in my teeny room, if you wanted to know 😉


Surprisingly, my Spanish is much better than I expected…probably because in the States we don’t ever actually speak it, funny how much you know when you have no other choice but to use it. It’s been fun, now I am super determined to really work on my speaking. Last night Aileen and I went to a part of the city that we were told that mainly locals go out for drinks on the weekend, so we braved it and found our way.  I don’t think I have ever felt so out of place in my life, I felt like the geek who wasn’t invited to the party but didn’t know so came anyway. Lots of stares and smirks, BUT we stayed for a beer still.  Next time we’ll actually talk to someone, baby steps.  But situations like these are why I love traveling so much.  Feeling vulnerable plants the seed of growth.


This was a quick update, but just wanted to let family and friends know that I am settling quite well (VERY well) and loving it so far.  I am loving the sun and the beautiful people.  I will post about my first few days of school next week.  Love to my family and friends!! xx




2 thoughts on “Spain: Day 2

  1. “Feeling vulnerable plants the seed of growth.” That’s quite profound. What a great insight. I agree with your mom, so happy you’re happy.

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