Wowee time has slipped from me again…its been a hot second since my last post! The semester has been winding down, which means stress, deadlines, and finals are on the rise. As I have mentioned before, I do not have a shala or studio here at school, so its just me and my mat in my little room, in my little apartment. I truly love my self asana practice, it has transformed me more than any other asana practice I have tried. But I do go through slumps when my energy and motivation is low and sometimes I feel lonely when I practice! But i trudge on, waking between 4:45 and 6 every morning before class. Over spring break I had a great recharge at Little River Yoga’s morning Mysore program led by Tova and Michael, and it was so amazing being back in a community even though it is still self practice. There is something about the energy in a group setting. But break was over a month ago and I was feeling it was time for another power boost.

Thankfully my teacher, Sharath, and Saraswathi came to the states in early april for a US tour. So for the past two weekends I was able to see and practice with him again. It was the first time I had seen Sharath since Mysore, four months ago (CRAZY), and it was pretty incredible. I traveled north April 5th to catch in at UVA in Charlottesville, VA for a short practice and lecture, the whole thing was rushed BUT it was still so good just to see him and the family. I actually got teary eyed when he walked in LOL. The following weekend, a couple good yogini friends and I traveled even further north to catch the infamous led primary class in Chinatown, NYC. The class was filled with classic Sharath funnies like in Utthita Hasta Padagushtasana, “No dancing!” or in the fifth and final navasana as he comes to the final fifth count and tricks people by doing “ffffffff…hey no hurry! ffffff…..iiiive” and of course in utpluthih “lift up…don’t come down!” It’s funny how much I missed these very small things but when at the shala I found them irritating after the first TEN times. 🙂 Not only was I able to do a full practice with my teacher, I was able to connect with many friends I met in Mysore and others I have connected with via social media. The Ashtanga community is so small, but SO incredible. I was on a total yoga high. Being back in my true niche and to be in Sharath’s presence again is exactly what I needed to keep me going fo rthe next 8 months till I am back at the shala in December. This past weekend reminded me again, why I practice and love this system. It has connected me with the most incredible people on this globe, it has given me a community/family that I truly feel a part of, and it has given me my life back. This system has completely changed my life and transformed me, the community has been a huge part in it. Especially Sharath. Something about his presence makes it so easy to surrender to the practice, which ultimately leads you to surrender to your true Self, to what is real. Since I began to be a student of his and this system I think I’ve become a better friend, daughter, family member, and most of all I can finally say I truly love who I am. But it is always a work in progress. All I can do is wake up and put the work in on and off my mat. Sharath ended his time with us in NYC by reminding us that, “Our asana (postures) practice is only two hours of our day, but our yoga practice should be 24 hours.” Keep practicing my friends! xo


Pics from the weekend:

would LOVE to live here one day!
would LOVE to live here one day!
spring in the city park!
spring in the city park!

photo 3-6 photo 4-5 photo 5


3 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Allllly! What an amazing, Saturday!

    I’ve been carrying a self-practice primarily for the past year, also (when you see me check in on 4sq, it’s actually my living room! (Little River hadn’t joined the app yet last year, so I named my living room “Ashtanga Yoga of Arlington” to keep track of my practices). I consider Laruga Glazer, my teacher, and she shared with me that huge transformative gains occur when one is left to one’s own discipline. No one to impress, no one to nudge you on your mat when you are tired, sore, or lazy. Just you.-Lu

    1. Thanks for this sweet note! I totally agree…I’ve grown tremendously through my self practice in solitude. I love that you have ur place in foursquare!! I might have to do that… 🙂

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