TIme for spring cleaning?

Since I have gone and come back from India, I have learned how important it is to respect your own space and to keep it CLEAN, keep the energy light and positive. This means our living space, our bodies, and even our public spaces; like what kind of environments we put ourselves in and the people we surround ourselves with.

Living space: I have learned from living in a tiny apartment at school, that keeping the spaces I use the most is a key part of my daily sadhana (practice). Each day I make time to tidy up the kitchen, living room, bathroom, but most importantly my bedroom.  Since this is the space i use for meditation and asana practice, I have become quite the clean freak. I vacuum every couple days, I always make my bed, keep things off the floor, constantly getting rid of unnecessary clutter, and I burn candles daily and sage smug weekly. I know, it sounds like I have developed OCD but hear me out. Comparing your mind to your bedroom- when your mind is cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, emotions, and feelings it is impossible to feel any peace or to relax. The clutter brings a heaviness and many times stress. Just as your bedroom- you collect random crap, things are all over the floor, your dresser tops are a mess, and it smells. How can you rest in a space so chaotic? You can’t. Like I said, my room is a space where I practice my meditation and asana, which are very personal practices. Why would I want heavy energy looming over my head? I don’t even do homework in my room anymore because I do not want to produce anxious and stressful energy! Seriously. Keep your space clean and light, make time everyday to tidy up. This will start to overlap into your mental space, you’ll feel much more peace, joy, and a since of lightness.

Your body- shower. eat clean. stay active. Our bodies are a vessel for the Devine within. Also, its the only one you’ll have…why wouldn’t you take care of it? (Still working on this myself)

Public spaces- this is what this post was all about really.  Like I mentioned above, your public spaces can be the environments you regularly put yourself in and the relationships you have.  It is just as important to keep these spaces clean, with positive flow just as it is with your personal spaces. My last post was about alcohol and my intolerance to it in many ways. So obviously I won’t be hanging out at bars because that kind of energy does not serve any purpose to me. Another example: malls. Mother fudging malls. My hell. Too much energy exchange and it leaves me feeling depleted and just plain ol’ pissed off. So, I avoid malls at all costs. Everyone has different environments where they flourish or shrivel up, like me…I love old bookstores, markets, and health food shops…like LOVE THEM. These places energize me because I really enjoy myself in these settings. So, be mindful what atmospheres you put yourself into, be aware of how or if your emotions change with your environment…you could solve many issues. Lastly, the relationships your are emotionally involved in need to be kept clean and light.  We tend to forget that sometimes certain relationships need to be tidied up, or if they are not serving your well being, you need to let go. This lesson is one of the hardest, I am learning.  Remember my post about how people can be a lesson, blessing, or both? Well this is where that comes into play. Treasure those who are a blessing or both, but if you hold on to those who have crossed your path to teach you something, they become bad habits, even burdens.  Relationships/friendships can have negative energy, and we must be aware of that.  Notice how your emotions change with the people you surround yourself with. If you have someone where you feel anxious or even angry, then its time re-evaluate. These people, though they may not know or ever know, could drag you back into destructive behavior and bad habits. If that is the case, its time to slowly let go, and this is something I have been feeling lately myself. If you have tried several times to try to tidy up a certain relationship and it still doesn’t feel clean, then it will not serve you. Be mindful who you share YOUR energy with, if they deplete you rather than uplift you, move on. Remember your self-worth, and make your physical AND emotional health your top priority.

So, keep you space clean. Listen to your body, but more importantly your heart because ultimately it knows best. Surround yourself with those who uplift you, support you, and make you feel good. We all deserve that.




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