To Kino and to whom it may concern:

I am sure I am one of the many Ashtangi’s that has read Kino MacGregor’s lastest blog post, that has surely gone viral in the yoga community.  It was so honest, heart felt, genuine, and honestly extremely brave, and for that I commend her. I normally don’t involve myself in these kind of things, but I felt the need to give my “two cents”.  But before I do, I want to be clear about my stance on the whole thing. I %100 percent support her.  Though I have never met her personally, she has greatly influenced and inspired my practice and myself as a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga.  Many of her instructional youtube videos have helped, clarified, and inspired my practice. Yes, she wears little shorts and teeny tube tops but hey, she looks DAMN good in them. And honestly, if that is your main focus and where your judgment derives… you need a serious drishti and ego check. Just sayin’!

Things I see in her:

  1. Her message of Ashtanga yoga remains very pure and true to the system and philosophy. From sitting in and listening to Sharath’s conferences in Mysore to hearing her input, there really isn’t a difference.
  2. On top of her insanely hectic teaching schedule, she still has a daily practice.
  3. She is one of the few “big named” Ashtanga teachers I know of that still makes the pilgrimage to Mysore to practice, even though her first teacher, Guruji, has passed. AND she respects and see’s Sharath as her teacher now, too. Meaning she still has respect for the lineage.
  4. OH, and Guru’s coconut stand on the corner, that all of us Ashtangi’s like to hang out at daily in Mysore? Yeah, that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Kino and her husband Tim.
  5. Inspiration for women: she definitely clears up the debate whether or not Ashtanga is a “Mans” practice. She also inspired me to take my first trip to Mysore at my age of 21. Her story resonates deep with me, if you don’t know it, you should check it out.

But yet, people are still blinded by her yellow tube top. How judge a persons character solely on the fact we don’t see eye-to-eye? So because you disagree, she’s automatically a bad person? I think this way of thinking is, I’m sorry, SO wrong and actually backwards. I also here her video clip about Mysore has caused drama in the Ashtangi community. Um…that clip is beautiful!! It is a wonderful depiction of the magic the hovers and flows in Mysore and at KPJAYI.  And to think people got so upset that she did not ask them permission for her to post it?? I would see it as a great honor to be a part of a project that can inspire SO many people to go to Mysore and spread Ashtanga yoga.  Tapas, people!! From what I can tell, Kino comes from such a good place. She makes all her decisions consciously and aware that it might not sit well with others.  Not one Ashtanga teacher is the same because they each experience the practice differently. They all have different views, opinions, goals for their career, ect. This whole thing has really had me asking myself, “Why do I practice?” and by practice I mean the whole sha-bang. Yama, niyama, asana..ect.  I do not write this fueled with any anger or hate, I just think that this is a good time to really check in with ourselves.

So Kino, if you read this, keep doing what you’re doing girl. Your honesty and humbleness inspire me.


One thought on “To Kino and to whom it may concern:

  1. Amazingly well put Ally ! KUDos to All the beautiful female ashtangis in this world who own their personalities, vessels, souls and intentions HOORAH:) !

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