Comfy Cozy

So, I am all moved in my cute lil apartment here in Boone, NC and I am very content. Classes start on Monday so I have had this week to nest and adjust. Yesterday I got my schedule all sorted out and I have officially declared my major as International Business…and I am SO excited. This is the first time I can ever remember being excited for school and to study. I was planning on doing some broad communication/marketing major but that certainly did not spark any interest for me. I have decided that this time around in school is going to be different, I only want to study and do things that I truly want. I think before I chose what would be the easiest and what I think was expected of me. But not this time! I’m required to take a language throughout my study as a IB major so I decided French. And no, I have never taken a French class and my background is spanish, but I have always wanted to learn it. After meeting so many bi or TRI-lingual people in Mysore, I am more inspired than ever to learn a new language, like actually learn it well enough to communicate. Will it be hard? Most likely but I up for the challenge. Also as an IB major we are required to do a semester abroad..yes REQUIRED. Okay fine twist my arm. App State has so many direct exchange programs with Universities all over the world…like over 100! So, I am beyond excited to do more traveling. I think I am just excited about life in general these days.

Also some more good news…I finally had a interview for a waitress/serving job so fingers crossed! I think once I start working I’ll really start to feel back at ease. I’ve always enjoyed working and being apart of another community outside my usual ones. And if I have any hope of getting back to Mysore in December I NEED to work lol.

As for my practice, its good and steady. I won’t go into any detail b/c it can get boring. My dad bought me two of those plastic mats that you put under office chairs if you have carpet. Since my room is all carpet, they have actually worked really nicely to put my yoga mat on to practice haha. So until I get back to the shala, Shala de Ally will have to do. Since i have base board heating in my room, I can crank it up so I can actually break a sweat too so its actually quite comfy and cozy in my room to practice in.

So, ill wrap it up for today. But I am quite comfortable here up in the mountains and I think it may be the prettiest place ever to go to school. Looking forward to what the future has in store, but also enjoying the now. XO



One thought on “Comfy Cozy

  1. Sounds like you are gettling settled into the Boone/ASU scene, and we are dellighted that all is going so well. We look forward to getting up to see you when you are a little more settled and seeing your apartment. Let us hear via email when you get a moment. pnb

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