Giving thanks

Wanted to post something short, sweet, and simple.

This is the first time ever that I have not been with my family and friends for thanksgiving, but I have so so much to be grateful for!

I am thankful for my brother, Jonathan, who without his trust for fronting me fourteen hundred dollars I would not be here in Mysore. I love you so much, so lucky to have a big brother who can be such an incredible role model.

I am thankful for my parents. It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster, but your unconditional love and support never faltered, thank you.

The rest of my family, you support and love never goes unnoticed and I am so thankful to be loved by so many people. The feeling is mutual!

To my very best friends, whether or not you agree with all of my spontaneous choices, words cannot not describe my love and gratitude for you girls. Our friendships are rare, and I will never take you for granted. EVER.

To Marcia, who opened this door, that has forever changed my life. For never giving up on me and for accepting me as me. You are one of the most inspiring and loving people I know.

And to everyone else who has been apart of my journey, the good and bad, you have helped shaped me and have put me in the place I am today. Especially for those of you who I have met here in Mysore. And for that I say thank you.

Lastly, I am thankful for my body. Thankful for the sweat and tears it has produced for me to heal here in India. Thankful for the twists, jump throughs, and bends it can do. I am thankful that it has put up with the abuse I have given it over the years, and that it is still here with me today, stronger than ever.

I Am thankful for today, tomorrow, and everyday. Love to you all, hope your day is filled with good food and even better people.



One thought on “Giving thanks

  1. Ally, this is such a sweet message! We all love you more than we know how to say. You are so easy to love and Poppy and I are so fortunate to have you as our granddaughter. We really look forward to Christmas so we can hear more about your about your adventures.

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