Change of plans…

Hey peeps!

It’s Saturday so no practice! It’s always nice to let your body wake up on it own, rather than a alarm clock 🙂 it’s been a fun week, with lots of big changes!

I started working on my drop backs, which is standing up then dropping backwards into a backbend. I was having trouble getting up, until I received advice from a fellow yogini in LA! Just one small tip and no I can get up three times in a row no problem! Way cool. So once Shararth noticed I was getting up on my own, he started working with me on three half way drop backs then walking your hands toward your heels once your hands are on the mat. So, the first day he helped me, I did three half ways, then started walking my hands, and walking, and walking and before i knew it I was touching my heels. It was probably one of the most bizarre feelings in the world. But awesome too. I spring back up with the goofiest face because I totally surprised myself lol. He goes, “fantastic! Next week, grab ankles.” Okay…..

So my practice is really taking off, but my back is grateful for a day off, especially after yesterday’s led class…he added an extra navasana (boat pose) for shits and giggles and I swear we were in utplutih for two minutes. But, it was still fun. I feel like my practice is the deepest it’s ever been, and it’s only been two and a half weeks! It’s amazing what a steady practice can do, not just physically, but also spiritually and mentally. I feel so comfortable in my skin, proud of who I am and where I have come. That in itself is a victory, I’ve never been good at positive affirmations to myself. I think it’s finally because I’m letting my heart do the real thinking and talking, rather than my mind. The mind tends to talk over the mind, a lot. Since being here, I’ve realized how much I have missed being a student, and how much I want to be a student. I don’t think I was really ready to teach yet, it’s a big responsibility. This isn’t because I didn’t get adequate training, my TT at flow changed my life. I just feel like I haven’t been a student long enough, And that’s what I want to be right now. Maybe one day, ill teach…but it’s not my time right now.

With that being said, i found myself getting really sad that I was already half way through my trip. I just didn’t feel ready to leave in three weeks, so after lots of thinking I have decided to stay a month longer than planned. So I will be home December the 8th. After I officially changed. My flight yesterday, I felt this immense sense of joy and peace in my heart, so I know I made the right decision. On Thursday I went to ask Sharath if I could extend my time at the shala and of course he says yes. And as I was walking out of his office he goes “oh, next week come practice earlier, ummm 5:30!” Which really is 5:15…shala time runs earlier. Sweet. It’s kinda crazy how in such a short time I feel so connected to him, I finally have a teacher.

Had a really fun time last night, had dinner at a friends house then we went out for gelato! And also found out that every first of the month the gelato is only 10 rupees…so about 18 cents!! The group Jessie and I have been hanging out with are people from Toronto and they are all so great.just really good,genuine,fun people. I feel lucky to have connected with them.

So,still things are great in India. Magical, really. Please keep in touch!! Xoxo


One thought on “Change of plans…

  1. Ally, you’re really making a lot of progress. We’re so proud of you for working so hard and you’re having fun as well! We’re selfish though!! We will really really miss you Thanksgiving, but we’ll just look forward to Christmas! Love you, Bubby and Poppy

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