Day off

Just finished up another amazing breakfast here at Anokhi…it’s always a social event, you meet new people every day but also see the same people. I woke up really freaking sore from led primary yesterday morning…it was a nice reminder how I rush through my breaths and how I get lazy in certain poses. So ya I’m definitely feeling it is morning. Sharath counts sooooo……….slllllloooooowwwwwww……….to the point where you just have to laugh. Some of his most popular lines are “why you in hurry!?” “No dancing!” “Stay up!” he’s a gem. Being in his presence is pretty inspiring. Tomorrow (Sunday) is another led class….I’m sure to make sure we didn’t get too lazy after our day off. The after practice I found my usual spot at Anokhi ate, socialized, then made my way to chanting, basically went through half an hour of different chant, a lot of them I learned during teacher training. Then I had Sanskrit at 3:50 for about an hour and a half…went over basic consonants, then read the Gita, call and response, then discussed the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. My kind of day!

Today, Saturday, we have off. So we all ate breakfast and soon we are going to scooter up to some temples and then maybe the pool later. So this post is brief and just an update! Talk soon!



4 thoughts on “Day off

  1. It looks as if you’re experiencing a lot of new things and getting to know a lot of people. Enjoy it!!! Love you, Bubby & Poppy

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