It’s the final count downnnnnn

6 days! 6 days! HOLY $#!* 6 DAYS!!!! I cannot believe it has been seven months since my brother and I sat down over the phone to buy my ticket. Where does the time go?! It’s funny…I have realized that the older I get, time seems to go twice as fast. As the responsibilities grow, relationships get more complex, we all get on this auto pilot mode and just go, go, go till its time for bed. Then we wake up and do it all over again. I was trying to remember my mind set back when I was younger, which Is like really hard to do. All I can really remember is how each morning I was so excited to wake and wake up the rest of the family…it was like each day was this exciting new adventure that had so much to offer. As kids, we live so in the moment that time is not even a factor. Maybe teaching kids how to tell time at a young age isn’t the greatest idea lol. But really.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned and STILL learning from my daily yoga practice is to be present. When I feel myself getting caught is the robot, auto-pilot mode, I am able to recognize that and I can step back and be still to remember where I am and WHO I am. I love this quote from “The Laws of Spirit”, “Time is a paradox, stretching between a “past” and “future” that have no reality except in our own minds. The idea of time is a convention of thought and language, a social agreement. Here is the deeper truth: We only have this moment.” (33)

Now Im not saying to take your sweet ol’ time if you have a major deadline at work or a paper for school, because unfortunately this is where that “social agreement” of time is important. What I am talking about is the bigger picture of “time”. Like for me, who has struggled with finding her place at college, I used to get major anxiety about finishing school in time or not finishing when Im 30 years old. One of the greatest reliefs was when I finally let go of that sense of time, and I can say I am completely at peace that Ill graduate 2 years later than I “should” have. Another example is my Uncle Scott, who inspires me greatly, who decided at 46 to go back to nursing school, and now he’s working for Duke medical center. Way cool, right?? If something inspires you, don’t let this idea of time hold you back or prevent you from pursuing it. If you think its too late to travel the world, ITS NOT. GO DO IT. As Michael Gannon would say, “You can think of excuses, but you don’t have to use them.”

Re-evaluate your priorities and do what make you HAPPY. Try to take a moment today, and just sit and be still, breath, and find joy with where you are on your journey.  And if you realize that something is just not working for ya, change it. Maybe it takes buying a $1400 plane ticket, putting your house on the market, quitting your job…because once you make that jump you HAVE to make a change at that point. I did it.  You create your own reality and you have all the “time” in the world.

So, this week ill be a busy bee running around getting some last minute things before I make the hop, skip, and a jump to India. Ill be sure to post one more time before I leave and will be posting regularly once I am there. Thank you for joining me on this journey, but this is just the beginning people!!! Ill leave you with this:

“Presence teaches that what you do today is important, because you are trading a day of your life for it.”






4 thoughts on “It’s the final count downnnnnn

  1. Ally, you have many insights and advice for all of us. Your family is definitely supporting you and will look forward to following you on this journey.
    We love you,

  2. Great post Ally! “Presence” in the moment is a gift, so thanks for the reminder to live in it and be grateful for it. oxox Momma

  3. You inspire me, as well, beautiful niece. Often, the journey is more important than the destination (your 17 hour flight to India being a big exception). I can’t wait to read your posts from abroad. xo

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