Two weeks and counting!!

Well, this time in exactly two weeks I’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean on my way to my connection flight in London. I cannot even believe how fast these last seven months have gone by. But let me tell you….I am SO excited!!

Just to recap the last week or so…I turned 21 on the 10th, had a beautiful dinner with family and alicia(sista from another mista) and then this past weekend went down to Virginia Tech to really put my I.D to use lol! Caroline came from App State, Alicia came from JMU, and Wendy already was there and a ton of others I knew. In won’t go into any detail but it was a blast. And I was so humbled that my best friends made the effort to come and make me feel do special. I am sososososososo blessed in the friend department. Since many of my friends here at home are older and have kids I tend to forget that I’m 21 and not 41. Let’s just say I definitely felt 21 this weekend!!

So now I am back, and the final count down has started. It’s slowly starting to sink In that I’m actually going, i think it’ll really hit me once I’m on the plane haha. Its hard to explain my emotions and feeling right now, because I am not even sure how I feel. I DO feel however, that come October 1st, it’ll be the beginning of the rest of my life, ya I’m aware of how cliche that is. I can feel in my bones that it’s starting a new chapter and I can really start living MY life and how I want to live it. I have literally worked my ass off to make this trip happen, and for the first time ever I can actually say that I am proud of myself. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m always so hard on myself…thats probably on of the roots to my eating disorder. But I can definitely give myself a pat on the back.

This post wasn’t meant to be long and full of deep thoughts, just a brief update. Well, I’m just cruising till the 1st and making tying some final things done, doing lots of yoga, and doing a vegan cleanse to my poor, poor body (and liver lol) 🙂 Love to you all!! Xoxo



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