A day of remembrance

Well…I am officially legal in all aspects! I turned the big 2-1 yesterday!! Woooo! Thank you to everyone who made my day super special, whether it be a card, text, email, Facebook, twitter, ect. Nothing went unnoticed! I wanted to take a second to say how very thankful I am for all the people in my life. It especially hit me last night when my family was sitting around the table at Clyde’s in ashburn. My grandparents , Mimi and grampa (dads parents), my parents, my brother, and my best friend Alicia. Some of the people who I love the most and love me. It’s a pretty extraordinary feeling that many of us overlook because it is so “normal”. This weekend I get to live it up with my very best girl friends, and then the following weekend my OTHER grandparents are coming up to celebrate more. I have always had a birthMONTH not day lol. I am SO lucky to have a family that is so tight knit and that we are so involved in each others lives. I am also so so lucky to have friends, who are the like the sisters I’ve never had, in my life who love me for ME. For my best friends at flow, who have helped me through my darkest hours. I have so many people who love and support me, it’s almost overwhelming. I hope you all know that the feeling is mutual. That I would move mountains and part the seas for ALL of you. And you are always on my mind.

Growing up, my birthday high lasted all month, not really understanding how blessed i was. That all changed on my 10th birthday, September 10, 2001. I had just had an awesome joint birthday party with my dear friend from Lincoln elementary that weekend and all was good. The next day came, septemeber 11. I still remember that day so clearly. We got to school at 8, got straight to work and it was normally nonstop throughout the entire day. My fifth grade teacher mr. Paris was a no nonsense guy, so everybody was stunned when he announced at 10 am that we were having a free day and brought out all the board games and craft things. Nobody was complaining! We were in our own little cottage outside the main building so luckily we had a restroom and water fountain in the cottage. Then the early dismissals started, but everyone who was dismissed was escorted to the main building…that wasnt normal. I think more than half the class left early that day. For those of us who stayed, lunch was delivered to the cottage…that was definitely not normal. Rumors were flying about what was happening but no one really knew. The day finished up pretty normal, got on the bus and went home. Mom met me at the end of the drive way…again not normal since I was a mature 5th grader who was fully capable of walking up to my house. That’s when she explained to me what happened, I didn’t fully understand until I watched the news footage, then it really sunk in.

Since then, the day after every birthday I am reminded how precious life, familY, and friends are. I think it is a blessing in disguise to have a day of national remembrance after my birthday. Remembering how real the attacks were, and how people’s lives were changed forever. And that there is a much larger meaning to life than a birthday party and that it can be taken away in a second.

For those who died on that day, the victims, the heros, the fathers, mothers, daughters, brothers…you are not forgotten and hope you are at peace. For those that lived to tell the story, the victims, the heros, the fathers, mothers, daughters, brothers…you have taught a lesson that will never be forgotten, the ultimate action for love, and I hope you are at peace. For those who have fought for this country and gave their lives, the victims, the heros, the fathers, mothers, daughters, brothers…thank you for protecting us, for giving the ultimate sacrifice, you are not forgotten and I hope you and your loved ones are at peace. For those still fighting…thank you and please come home safely, and remember why we fight so you can be at peace. Lastly, for those who are still battling internally, holding on to that hate and evil…it’s time to let go. Forgiveness is the only way the end the battle, I hope you find peace.

Love to all.



One thought on “A day of remembrance

  1. You’re wise beyond your years Ally, and we’re so proud of the kind, compassionate young woman that you’ve become. You are going to do great things with all your blessings…. because “to whom much is given, much is required”. OXOX Momma

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