where’s the easy button at?

I was reminded this morning how I completely FORGOT to blog yesterday by one of my best friends, Alicia. So THX GURL for keeping me on track lol!!! It is true, the day just got away but I am here now šŸ™‚


One of my good yogini friends asked me the other day right before practice, “does life get any easier??” The million dollar question, right? We all have those stretches of times where we hit this road block, struggle to get up or around it and them boom you hit head on another one. Like we cannot get a BREAK!

So here is my answer to that question. Life is life. It is not easy and maybe its not hard either. I think it all depends on how we adapt and react. We can either allow a bump in our path to send us screaming, running back to bed to throw the covers over our head…OR step back and think “let me go get some gravel to fill that in.” The second reaction requires, WORK. Not hard work, not easy work. Just work.Ā  These struggles or “bumps” are what make my path and your path so unique, they create change and transformation. They are OPPORTUNITIES. But sometimes it is hard to be at peace with this concept, how do we let go and just BE?

This is so relate-able to my yoga practice. Everyday I wake up and do the primary series my body feels and does things differently. For example this past sunday I was chugging along and when I got to Marichyasana D on the damn left side of mine…I FINALLY found my bind!!! (Will post pic) I was ecstatic! Monday, I was chugging along, got to Mari D on my left side…annnnnnd didn’t bind. Wtf. Ya, I got annoyed but I put it aside and kept going. This practice of yoga requires a lot of hard work or dedication, but I refuse to label it as HARD work. Because the fact is it that I LOVE it, to me Math is hard work and I hate math. So I do not what to label my practice as that lol. My practice is challenging work, very challenging.

The other day I sat down to re-read one of my favorite books, The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman. I forgot how amazing this book was, it had been a while. This book is like my mini Yoga Sutras, it is so straight forward and really how I ultimately want to live my life. Each chapter is a different “law” and I came across “The Law of Faith” and goes into “Trusting in the Spirit”. What I love most about this book is how it is completely universal and not faith specific. But you can totally relate it to whatever religion you want, or just take it how it is. It talks about how this “spirit” is within all of us and how we need to have faith that all will work out the way it should. We have all the knowledge, wisdom, strength, and love already programmed within us. All of those things make up the Spirit. Practicing yoga helps peel away the layers or junk or hate, insecurities, weakness, to help us access this internal and ETERNAL spirit that we all have. We all have faith whether or not we know it. We all wake up each day, and for all we know it could be our last day, but we still get up. That’s faith. Thats the kind we all need to have in ourselves and others. I think with that kind of faith, pure peace of mind and heart can be achieved.
I learn something knew about myself on my mat every morning I practice and each day I feel a little strong both physically and mentally. But that doesn’t meant I stumble a few steps back now and then šŸ˜‰ Have faith in yourself and in all that you do and in all that happens to you. Because it will all lead to something extraordinary. That I am certain. And have faith in those around you, because we all have that same Spirit that resides in all of us, and with that, makes us one.



below: marichyasana D

Excerpt from the Laws of Spirit


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