Sunday Funday

Hey peeps!

I thought I would get in a quick post as I sit here sipping on my post-practice smoothie 🙂 YUM. Today I went through the entire primary series (will post pics of what that is) and I am feeling really good.  I got through the entire thing, but for the life of me I cannot bind in marichyasana D on my left side!!! But there is always tomorrow, practice, practice!

I have been reading some pretty amazing blogs and have been connected to some people who are in Mysore right now, and it is getting me pretty pumped! But also nervous, because I have noooo idea what I am getting myself into. Its going to be tough to say the least, but also amazing. Lots of emotions going on lol. One of the blogs I have been following is a gal I have been chatting with via twitter, Shareen Woodford. Its funny and very enlightening on day to day life in mysore so check it out :

So what is the Primary Series? This is basically what it looks like on paper: (Thank you Michael Gannon!)



Doesn’t look like much but, it usually takes between 90-105 minutes to complete when you add the breathing, holding the postures, jump backs, and repetitions on each side. So, this is what I will be doing 6 days a week (minus moon days) every morning here in the states and in India. For more info go to

I’m almost done with my smoothie and I need to get ready for a family day in Arlington, but I thought I would give you all an idea of what I am working toward. Again, thank you for reading and I promise that posts with a little more depth are coming. Shanti out!!





One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. I would be really nervous if you weren’t nervous about this journey. It’s HUGE. But, you can do it. Nervous and excited are quite similar emotions. Nervous doesn’t have to be negative – it can be (and is) just a normal thing. Go with it. Figure out what parts of the trip are causing anxiety and make plans to address them. It sounds like to you are making all the right prearations. xo

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