The magic drink

So, you can’t poop huh?

Try drinking this in the morning and at night before bed:

Hot water
Lemon juice
Cayenne pepper (Less is more!!!)

Too blunt or TMI? Then you might not wanna read this blog because there will be tons of poop talk here. ANYWHO, Marcia gave me this to try and dude it works. Our gut is our second brain, so when it’s not working properly we feel like crap (ha) and other issues start to rise. This kind of stuff is talked about regularly (I’m so punny) with my friends because several have new gluten intolerances.
So to get things regular try this hot drink, a good probiotic twice a day on an EMPTY stomach, oh and a regular yoga practice. If doing Marichyasana D six days a week, five breaths on each side doesn’t get things moving you either ate a rock or just not eating lol.

That’s all for today. Short, sweet and too the point!




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