Moon day, shmoon day!

Here is my master plan….that is on my bathroom door LOL.

Gooooood Morning!

So I was up and at it early this morning because I had to teach at 6 am. It was a small class but sometimes those are the best. You feel a greater connection with your students and you can offer more hands on assistance and adjustments. AND one of my very good friends and fellow teacher, Suzy Powell, rolled herself out of bed to come take my class:)

Today, is the first day of some big changes to prep for my trip. (Ill post a pic of this “grand” plan). One of these big changes is diet. As of now I am now a vegetarian yet again…I hope you can feel the enthusiasm in my text. -____- Everything I have read, from Pattabhi Jois, Sharath, and other accomplished teachers diet is a HUGE factor in your practice and how deep you want to take it. Basically an Ashtangi diet consists of simple grains, fruit veggies, ghee, and milk. Ya, sounds like a party in your mouth right??? No. BUt I just see this as an opportunity to learn how to cook really well. I was once a vegetarian or pescatarian…whatever you want to call it but I only would eat fish. And since working at my health food store and being surrounded my many Weston A. Price peeps, I know the benefits of animal fats and protein and it just tastes good. But, If I am truly going to devote my life to this practice, I need to make the changes.

So, why do they say no meat?

Their are five forms of restraints, yamas, in the eight limbs of yoga. The first one is called ahimsa. This means non-violence. As yogi’s we need to practice non-violence in out thoughts, actions,and yes even our diet. So when we eat meat, we are taking a life, therefore practicing violence. So, when we eat meat, we take on that karma and heavy energy. So, when we eliminate meat, and eat a light, vegetarian diet we take on less karmic energy and then our practice can blossom. Again, this is all ancient yogi theory. Not mine. But I have seen what a diet change can do for your practice so I am going to give it 100% of my effort.

So, from now on or until i get back from India, I am a veggie again.

So whats with the title of this post? Moon day? Today there is a full moon. And Ashtangi’s take rest on days there is a full and new moon. Why? Just like the moon effects the tide in the ocean, it takes an effect on our bodies too because We are made up of 75% (ish) water. When the moon is full (like today) it tends to make us more emotional/energetic but not well grounded, and a new moon can make us feel to grounded to the point of exhaustion. For more info check out this link

I was bad and practiced after I taught today but today was day 1 of my prep plan! Anyway Ill keep this post shorter than last, thank you to everyone who is reading this. Ill update regularly but not daily just because that would get annoying AND boring. Someone eat a burger for me today. XO


Today I practiced in front of Ganesh. I deity that is close to my heart and guards it. Those who know me well see him hanging from my neck everyday πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Moon day, shmoon day!

  1. i continue to be amazed at how much what I put in my mouth affects my body, my mind, my spirit, my practice! cheering you on!! πŸ™‚

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